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Hello, I am Roland Soedamah. I have been working as an entrepreneur since 1998. I’m a trained civil engineer with additional education in business administration. During 20 years of experience in the field of civil engineering I have prepared technical projects, advised on public space policy and done various interim jobs for public parties in the Netherlands. These interim jobs often focused on public space management and optimization of organizations to implement public space policies. In 2006 we started our Caribbean adventure; the founding of the engineering firm Buro CITE in Suriname. From this moment on we have grown into a reliable partner for public and private organizations in Suriname. In 2018 the Caribbean adventure expanded through a new collaboration with Ryan Blanca. Our joint vision is affordable and high-quality homes for everyone in the Caribbean. We have a beautiful product that perfectly meets the needs of the region. As entrepreneurs we know that every start is tough but we are gradually moving forward and are preparing for the first big step. I expect Caribe Building Systems to become an important player in the Caribbean especially in combination with the experience and knowledge we have already built up with Buro CITE and CERTECO in the region.